Inner Beat: Asiatopa



Performed at Asiatopa 2017, Inner Beat is a collaborative public art project that explores the construction of complex identities of young culturally diverse artists from Melbourne. Lead Asian-Australian artists Jen Tran and Anthony Lamaroc Lawang explore their connection to home and host lands through movement, music, design and projection.


Project Manager: Dennis Pennalligen (Nasa )
Lead Artists: Jennifer Tran & Anthony Lawang
Directors: Anthony Lawang & Dennis Pennalligen
Sound Designer/Music Production: Mohamed Komba (Diafrix)
Projection Art: Eneti Waretini (PROJECTnRt)


Anthony Lawang (LamaRocK), Wakaba Shudo (WAKA), Yusuke Tsujihara (Tsu Ji), Quản Trọng (Fuji Pop), Brent Watkins (Culture Evolves), Gian Antagonize De Felipe (Antagonize), PJ